Author Topic: FJ Cruiser suspension build  (Read 34 times)

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Re: FJ Cruiser suspension build
« Reply #2 on: 11 July 19, 18:02:34 »
Spindle reinforcement is a must. Let me repeat - a must!

And why are you looking at wider tire? The FJ is nor top heavy and you are also going in for spacers, so why? Tire will scrap a bit in the inner well plastic part, ignore it and drive on. No need to cut.

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FJ Cruiser suspension build
« Reply #1 on: 11 July 19, 11:39:26 »
Hi guys,
I’m pretty much settled on the BP51’s for my FJ since they seem to offer the best bang for my buck, but I intend to keep the stock rims.
I’m not in a hurry  to do all at once so I planned the build as follows:
1. Install 30mm wheel spacers (keeping the stock tires)
2. Lift kit installation
3. Replace tires with the maximum width that will fit on stock rims.

Seemed pretty straight forward until I spoke to different garages and was told about body mount chops and spindle reinforcement.
Is spindle reinforcement still necessary on the latest model FJ? I thought Toyota addressed this by changing the material specifications on all models after 2017.
When will the body mount chop be necessary (after spacer installation or tire size change?)
What is the maximum tire width that can be safely installed on stock 17’ FJ rims (2019 model)?
Your feedback will help me plan this build so that I’m not unnecessarily throwing out components earlier than I need to.
BTW the ride on the stock suspension is amazing.