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Kill switch interfering with low range selection


Seems like a strange situation. I have not heard of such an issue so far. Where did you get the switch installed from?

Technically, the kill switch and low range selection do not have any connection, since kill switch installs are usually cutting of one ABS sensor (usually from front left wheel sensor). And the ABS sensor shouldn't affect drive selection switch. In fact, getting into Low range deactivates ABS, Traction and Stability controls.

Hi DR’s,
Since installing a kill switch on my Prado (to deactivate traction control and ABS) I’ve noticed that I’m unable to select 4 low while the kill switch is activated. I first have to turn the kill switch off, switch the engine off, restart the engine and then select 4 low.
Has anyone else with a Prafo faced the same problem? I’m keen to know how you overcame the problem.


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