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hmm That power supply issue sounds interesting. will check it out today with another adapter n report back. Thanks for the pointer

N A V I N:
most of these units u get from carrefour etc are refurbished. they come in plain white box.
latest firmware upgrades are set to prevent certain types of map loading.

Unit restart is a known issue with Garmin when the power supply is not adequate. Have you tried with another branded and properly rated power supply?

The next suspect for restart is heat. People who face this place usually address this by placing the unit near the a/c vents, hence cooling it.

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Not bricked. I was running an aftermarket image too for a long time :) . My unit battery is gone so there is not even a minutes backup power. Also while hooked on to the 12v charger, it frequently restarts. I will get a unit later on and mount it /wire it permanently above the centre rearview mirror so that it starts along with the car. So many things to do and so little time and budget :)

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I have not only upgraded the firmware but also put in a modded firmware which gave my Nuvi lane assist feature which did not come out of the box. I reckon it is a standard feature now.

But this does have the risk of bricking the device.

And yes, Arun, the bread crumb feature is very useful, either off road or on road.

And, what do you mean dead? Physical damage or bricked?

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