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Re: My quest for silence
« Reply #3 on: 18 January 16, 17:02:35 »
Just keep in mind that tar sheets are highly inflammable being a petroleum by product. Cheaper versions of dynamat clones are available in the market(US). You need only 25 % surface coverage for noise insulation.
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Re: My quest for silence
« Reply #2 on: 18 January 16, 16:44:30 »

Search for tar sheets and stick them on. Serves the same purpose.

But, it will be a stick mess and stink like hell for some time.

Dynamat, especially their extreme edition is good, but, not sure if it really falls under VFM. A single layer on all doors and floor will give you silence.

Have tried my hand in doing a DIY on damping back in India. Partially successful. Still WIP. 


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My quest for silence
« Reply #1 on: 18 January 16, 16:26:49 »
So my FJ is a few years old, It has put up with a lot of use and abuse. This is the first vehicle that has surprised me with its awesome reliability.
I considered selling it and buying a new FJ, but I can't seem to justify the need to do so as she is still in pretty good nick.
So I decided to decided to pamper her a bit .(Indirectly pamper myself  ;D)  starting with
more Silence...errr...less noise
After several iterations of Business cases and a Jar of Vaseline, the board approval has been made to do some noise proofing.

I have looked at Dynamat, Wurth etc. but I am unable to make up my mind on which way to go.
I am planning to use multiple layers of different materials.
Anyone have any personal experience with this?