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Modifications / Kill switch for Toyota Prado
« Last post by Preggy on 29 January 19, 22:45:56  »
I would like to have a kill switch installed on my vehicle to deactivate the ABS and stability control program. Can anyone tell me where in Dubai I can get a kill switch installed on a Toyota Prado for a reasonable price?
Modifications / Re: Suspension for FJ Cruiser
« Last post by Vish Kumar on 23 January 19, 08:33:48  »
There are few happy users here of BP-51. Talk to@VadhiRaj, who has an FJ, with BP-51's, for quite some time now.

Thanks, Suresh.
Will talk to him

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Modifications / Re: Suspension for FJ Cruiser
« Last post by Suresh on 23 January 19, 08:23:57  »
Any long term feedback on the BP-51s??

There are few happy users here of BP-51. Talk to@VadhiRaj, who has an FJ, with BP-51's, for quite some time now.
Modifications / Re: Suspension for FJ Cruiser
« Last post by Vish Kumar on 22 January 19, 20:19:06  »

Any long term feedback on the BP-51s??

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Hi Dears,

My AC Delco battery is not holding charge anymore just after 14 months of purchasing new, the indicator on battery is still showing green color but i had to jump start the battery last 2 times.

Before spending hard earned money on battery again, please advise what all things to check before purchasing a new battery, and which are the best reliable batteries in your experiance.

Car : Toyota Prado 2015, VXR V6 Full option.

Wanted / Wanted
« Last post by anoopmc3 on 30 April 18, 22:36:20  »
Required  good quality  recovery rope with D shackles. Also would like to know where and how to install  ABS kill switch?and is there any problems if we install this vehicle under warranty period.?!!!
All about your rides / Re: Off-road lights
« Last post by Mohammed Afsar on 14 March 18, 11:58:41  »
What did you buy for the poor old LC....I know the FJ got Rigid Radiance :P
Spam Central / Charity- Help required for treatment
« Last post by dharanhemanth on 26 November 17, 16:55:32  »
Hello all,
I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine, Mirshad K P, who needs financial help for treatment of his younger Sister Mirsha K.P. who is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease.
The treatment is either lifelong dialysis which will cost INR 15,000/- per month or a renal transplantation which will cost one time INR 1,000,000/- as per the certificate given by Iqraa Hospital Calicut. The patient’s family, who does not have a regular fixed source of income, could not accumulate sufficient money for the transplant which is the permanent cure for the disease.
Should you wish to verify the facts, the certificate issued by Iqraa Hospital Calicut is attached and the contact details of the patient is given below.
Mirsha KP, Kulangara Puthiyakathu, Kollam PO, Koyilandi, Calicut 673307. The contact number of my friend  Mirshad is 00919846912722
Should you decide to help them, which I request you to, please transfer funds directly to her brother’s account:
Mirshad KP
Account number: 99980103276171
IFSC code: FDRL0001001
Federal Bank
Branch: Koyilandi

Thank You
Modifications / Off road aux lights
« Last post by redjeep_carmen on 01 October 17, 12:36:21  »
Hello all,

More than modification i'm thinking for making my ride a durable 4x4 vehicle and I'm phasing my build/ mods so any estimate will also be very helpfull

Want your advice on


Underbody amour

on off road lights.

I'm looking to have aux lights, as of now for the looks and the Wadi's (until i earn my stars for the desert)

I would like halogens - any suggestion
What is your feedback on the radiance series from Rugged Ridge (i know these are LED but the backlight feature is very cool)

thanks in advance
For Sale / Toyota FJ Cruiser 2015 Top Range
« Last post by sands on 29 July 17, 10:11:09  »
Black FJ Cruiser single owner top range with 5 year warranty valid until 2020 August.
Done 26,500kms

AED 100,000 with all below mentioned accessories, Accessories worth AED 30,000+
·         Fitted with Icon stage 5 suspension front with reservoir and rear with piggy back
·         Cruise control
·         Bluetooth
·         Navigation
·         Diff lock
·         A Track
·         Crawl control
·         Studded fender flares
·         Land cruiser air filter intake system
·         Snorkel
·         50 inch curved LED on top with yellow crystal removable shades
·         20inch led bar on front bumper
·         Bump Stops installed
·         Rust proofing done
·         LED spot light at the back on the roof rail
·         Roof rack
·         Rear view camera
·         Power window and power mirrors
·         DVD player
·         H&R wheel spacers front and back
·         Customized wooden tool storage in the boot with built in table for camping
·         One Toyota original air compressor + additional air compressor with bracket and cut off switch installed
·         Kill switch installed for traction control
·         Speed booster
·         Doug Thorley headers installed
·         Original FJ Cruiser rubber mats and felt mats
·         Roof in matt black (foil a car)
·         Nanolux window tinting done
·         All 5 tyres changed to off-roading tyres when car was bought
·         15mm thick heavy duty offroad aluminum skid/bash plate
·         Off-roading flag pole with assembly next to spare tyre
·         all original suspension, headers, fenders and skid plate will be given with the car. car was bought in august 2015
Single owner driven and managed with utmost care. Regular manual full car wash done inside and outside.
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