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@sands.. yes it is a bit slow. but that is a small price to pay for the convenience of preset psi, auto stop at preset, inflate 2 at a time while you sit inside the car listening to music and eating n drinking after a hard drive. you can mount a small vlair tank under the car chassis and take this to a different level. thats for later :)


--- Quote from: Suresh on 24 January 16, 11:26:04 ---This a quite a surprise; did not know it was so fast. 

--- End quote ---

Use one at a time, then it will be fast. 


--- Quote from: Arun on 23 January 16, 16:00:06 ---... My 3 tires are full when airmax guys are finished with their all 4 full...
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This a quite a surprise; did not know it was so fast. 

@Navin, any idea on the approx costs.

@Arun, the time the totyota compressor takes it inflate one tyre, within the same time my chinese compressor inflates the other 3 tyres. I am surprised you being happy with the built in compressor, no offense

N A V I N:
Anyone can install TPMS. It isnt that costly


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