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Re: Wireless Radio / walkie-talkie
« Reply #3 on: 24 January 16, 23:53:21 »
Setting up the channels on the Quansheng TG-UV2 Radio...

Turn the unit on

Set the unit to frequency mode if necessary by pressing MR/VFO (Indicated by the Band being displayed in the left of display F0,F1,F2,F3,F4)

Set the main (upper) band to the correct frequency band (F3) by repeatedly pressing the BAND button

Check the Channel step (F+0+1) and if neccesary use the up/down arrows to set to 12.5KHz
Press MR/VFO to confirm and F to return to Standby mode

Type in the base frequency that you want (Channel 7) 4-6-2-7-1-0

Press the up arrow (once for Channel 7) to step up in 12.5KHz steps to the correct frequency of 462.7125

Store the Channel by pressing F + MR/VFO

Use the up/down arrows to select the correct channel No (7)

Press MR/VFO to confirm the save

Repeat for the other channels as required.
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Re: Wireless Radio / walkie-talkie
« Reply #2 on: 24 January 16, 21:19:04 »
Great post, Jayan.

Made a sticky. Useful information here.

To add to this, at the time of purchase make sure of the following:

- the frequency and the working band width, obviously.
- that you can manually enter the required frequency. There are certain models where they are pre-programmed to the citizen / family frequencies. In such devices you cannot enter the frequency manually.
- you need to buy only one unit; certain shops try to talk you into buying two for whatever reasons.


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Wireless Radio / walkie-talkie
« Reply #1 on: 24 January 16, 17:06:16 »
Dear DR’s

I would like to share some information regarding the radios which we use for the drives.  Similar discussions which I have read in other off roaders web sites.  Thought of sharing the same within.

Please excuse me in case there are some mistakes, since I am not an expert in radios. In case of any correction required please revert back to me then I can do the same.

Why radios are important in deserts?

As you all might me knowing, because of the limited mobile signal strength in the desert as well as a mass communication can also help each other’s.

How radio’s works?

Wireless radio or walkie-talkie communicate wirelessly (using radio waves) on a single, shared frequency band.  Each unit contains a transmitter / receiver and antenna a speaker that often doubles up as a microphone when you talk into it, and a button that you “push-to-talk” (PTT).

Which is the best radio to buy?

As there are lots of radio’s available, for different purpose, we need to understand some basics about radio.

VHF vs UHF (Ultra High Frequency 300MHz to 3GHz) (Very High Frequency 30 MHz to 300MHz)

These are two commonly used frequencies modes for radios.  We can use both or either as per your preference.  UHF is better on land, and VHF is most used in sea.  There are radios available with dual band also.

UAE TRA regulations?

After reading different articles in TRA website, what I understood is we can use “UHF: 430-440 MHz, 433.05-434.79 MHz” frequencies, which needs to be confirmed.  The details in the website are bit confusing.  Anyway again “USE at your own RISK”.

Where to buy them in UAE?

The radios are not sold everywhere here, but they are available at some shops in dragon mart.  Be aware that there are a lot of duplicates also available.  But anyway they also works great.  BUY and USE at your own risk.

Crony CN-888
Price: AED160 (Approx.)
Band: UHF (400-470MHz)

Kenwood TK-UV3
Price: AED350 (Approx.)
Band: VHF (136-174MHz) & UHF (400-470MHz)
Shop No: - BAK 08 - Fujian Futurestar
Shop No: - BAI 05 - Sheng Da Trading

Frequencies (MHz)

1.   462.5625
2.   462.5875
3.   462.6125
4.   462.6375
5.   462.6625
6.   462.6875
7.   462.7125
8.   467.5625
9.   467.5875
10. 467.6125
11. 467.6375
12. 467.6625
13. 467.6875
14. 467.7125

Crony CN-888 Programming

1.   Switch on the Radio
2.   Press F  then 4
3.   Set the freq. 12.5
4.   Press F then Mode until radio says UHF
5.   Enter the desired frequency from the top list.  The last “5” it appear automatically.
6.   Press  "F" and  "#" for storing and then select channel "01" using "A" for up and "B" for down, and then press "D" for storing launch frequency (speak).
7.   Press “F" and “#" and then press "C" for storing receive frequency (hear). The channels for speak and hear are the same for off-road purpose. Channel 1 is now set.
8.   To confirm Press F and press 1. You will see CH - 01 on the screen.
9.   Press F and 1 again. You will now see the frequency 462.562 5 and 01 on the screen.
10.   In this way you can store all the channels.