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Re: Off road levels
« Reply #2 on: 23 July 20, 10:20:22 »
Hello Rohan,

Our levels are based on driver capabilities and we always have anyone new, in the group, start off from newbie level.

The reason for that is there is a huge gap between how a person actually drives and what (s)he feels the way (s)he drives and also the fact that levels being floated across all off road groups are not standardized.

We promote people up the levels based on feed backs from the leads and support team.

We enforce a minimum 10 drives with us on Newbie level before we evaluate a person for next Newbie+ level. This was we get to evaluate you by multiple leads and then take a call, as each lead will have their own style of driving and track choices. Past that, it is all up to the person as to how much confidence (s)he shows while driving and how much confidence the marshals have in taking that person to the next level.

It is a risky game and no one want to make the wrong call - we would rather be safe than sorry.


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Off road levels
« Reply #1 on: 23 July 20, 06:59:47 »
Hi Guys ,I am new here. But I have done almost 10 newbie drives and 4 fewbie with other groups. I want to know how is the structure here as I am still not sure where do I fall in desert raiders levels. So want to know what is the adventure level in newbie and fewbie.