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My quest for silence

Started by darshan, 18 January 16, 16:26:49

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Just keep in mind that tar sheets are highly inflammable being a petroleum by product. Cheaper versions of dynamat clones are available in the market(US). You need only 25 % surface coverage for noise insulation.
Sit silently doing nothing. Spring will come and grass will grow..



Search for tar sheets and stick them on. Serves the same purpose.

But, it will be a stick mess and stink like hell for some time.

Dynamat, especially their extreme edition is good, but, not sure if it really falls under VFM. A single layer on all doors and floor will give you silence.

Have tried my hand in doing a DIY on damping back in India. Partially successful. Still WIP. 


So my FJ is a few years old, It has put up with a lot of use and abuse. This is the first vehicle that has surprised me with its awesome reliability.
I considered selling it and buying a new FJ, but I can't seem to justify the need to do so as she is still in pretty good nick.
So I decided to decided to pamper her a bit .(Indirectly pamper myself  ;D)  starting with
more Silence...errr...less noise
After several iterations of Business cases and a Jar of Vaseline, the board approval has been made to do some noise proofing.

I have looked at Dynamat, Wurth etc. but I am unable to make up my mind on which way to go.
I am planning to use multiple layers of different materials.
Anyone have any personal experience with this?